FEI President HRH Princess Haya has assured the European Union of the FEI’s support in promoting and improving standards in animal identification and traceability.

The FEI President highlighted the need to create a clear distinction between the sport horse as an equine athlete and livestock that is part of the food chain.

Identification and traceability are hugely important to the equine industry, she noted, helping to minimise the risk of disease-spread during the cross-border transportation of competition horses and also enhancing integrity and promoting public confidence in the equestrian industry.

She pointed out that the international equine athletes that compete under FEI rules are probably the most inspected and checked animals in the world, with over 1,000 FEI Veterinary Officials working at events worldwide to ensure that FEI rules on vaccination requirements, freedom from disease and fitness to compete are adhered to.

The FEI President stressed that the equestrian industry recognised the need for identification documents some time ago and that the FEI was one of the first organisations to provide horse passports on a global scale. The FEI also contributed to the establishment of an identification system of Unique Equine Life Numbers – UELNs – for horses.

“As an industry and as an organisation, we completely support the EU requirement for the now compulsory passports of all equines within the community and the introduction of mandatory microchipping”, Princess Haya said.

to read more about this, go to www.fei.org/media/press-releases

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