Brenda Pamplin – Waldi

Silvia has the training ability to transform a 50 plus year old, slightly overweight, total amateur into a dressage rider who is proud to represent her. She has trained me and Waldi for 4 years resulting in success that dreams are made of, and all with lots of laughter as well as a few tears.
Never had I thought that I would be riding affiliated dressage let alone at The British Dressage Winter Championships, getting write ups in Horse and Hound and learning to ride advanced movements!
With Silvia’s encouragement, effective training and commitment from both of us we hope to continue this partnership with my new horse.She talks common sense and both my horses and I respond to her firm but kind training that is founded on her own impeccable training and experience.
I am sure that I was a daunting project , but I cannot recommend Silvia highly enough if you want correct training that is recognized and rewarded by National and International judges as I have been able to demonstrate.
I hope that our team work and friendship continues for many years to come.

Brenda P.

Sam Kinrade

I first met Silvia four years ago when a mutual friend and trainer recommended that my two teenage daughters, Bianca and Katarina, would benefit from having dressage (and jumping) lessons from her. Silvia’s lessons were of instant benefit and with over twenty five years of dressage experience her knowledge and skills are very hard to match in a trainer and her techniques are supremely effective. I cannot put into words how beneficial her lessons have been to my girls, she is simply the best!

Over the past few years she has become a dear friend and I trust her integrity and equine knowledge more than anyone else; her husbandry and riding advice has been invaluable to us. Last year Bianca was searching for a new horse and our previous horse finding experiences had been very daunting and unfruitful and I decided that as I trust her I would ask Sylvia for help. She sourced Amadeus VIII (Squidgy) for us who ticked every box and has surpassed everyone’s expectations. Bianca has just completed eight months training with Amy Stovold and is now competing in the South of England at Medium Level.

I would totally recommend that prospective new clients try lessons with Silvia and see for themselves what an honest, effective, helpful and reliable trainer and person she is. You won’t be disappointed!

Sam K.

Debbie Redman – Tigger

I was first made aware of Silvia when my previous instructor appeared ‘star struck’ by her at a show we were attending. Within two month I had started training with Silvia and bought a new horse. I would have never contemplated taking on a strong stroppy 4year old without help. In the last 6 years I have qualified for the Regional Championships at all levels from Prelim to Medium and had a visit to the National Championships, having previously only competed in a couple of Prelim classes with my last horse.

Silvia now successfully competes both of my horses to Advanced Medium and Intermediare1 level and I cheer from the side lines!

I am determined to get another horse and will of course be training with Silvia. I find her lessons very informative and if you are looking for success, pick up the phone.

Debbie R.

Alex Ingo-Topham – Pablo

I have been having lessons with Silvia since I was 12 years old. When I first started having lessons with Silvia I was doing dressage tests a riding club level. Then with Silvia’s help it wasn’t long till I was competing and winning on a pony stallion at British Dressage doing prelim and novice level.

In 2008 Silvia helped me find my current advanced horse, Paplo. Within two weeks Silvia had me competing at the English Home International and resulting in a 2nd in a medium. Before I got Paplo I had never competed Elementry never mind medium!! Then I went on to do advanced mediums and FEI Junior team and individual tests at premier leagues and have qualified for summer and winter regional’s. Now in 2010 I am competing in Prix St Georges!!!

I would never have done any of this without Silvia’s excellent teaching and encouragement. She has instilled much confidence in me. She is a sympathetic but firm instructor who get the best out of you and your horse.

Alex Ingoe – Topham

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