How to make your Video:

  • Videos need to be no longer than 5 minutes
  • Make sure you use a video camera, not a mobile phone
  • Videos are always better made in daylight with the sun behind you
  • Position the camera on the short side of the school or in the corner. This is in order to assess straightness, it is helpful to see the horse coming towards  you and going away from you in a straight line.
  • It might be necessary to change position depending on the movement you are filming
  • Do not film from above; it makes assessment difficult
  • Use zoom to get a clear picture and try always to have horse and rider in the frame
  • No videos  of competitions or test riding can be accepted

How to upload your video onto You Tube:

  • If you do not already have one, create a YouTube account ( CLICK HERE just follow the instructions, it’s very easy and FREE) or log into your existing YouTube account. CLICK HERE.
  • Follow the link: Upload Video – YouTube will guide you through the easy steps and inform you when your video is ready to view.
  • Once the upload is complete,  scroll down to Privacy, and click: Unlisted (anyone with the link can view), this allows only those people have the link to view the video, not the general public.
  • e-mail that link to me and that will enable me to view your video.

How to pay:

  • My prefered method of payment is by Paypal, on receipt of your enquiry form I will send a payment request, once this is paid in full I will complete my assessment.
  • Paypal is a secure and trusted method of payment Internationally recognized.

The video below is an ideal example of how a video should be both shot and supplied for assessment.

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